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        The pinnacle of luxury engineered flooring,  Sunco acrylic-impregnated engineered wood flooring is infused with sealant and color throughout the thickness of the wood. So, what is normally a surface “finish” is actually consistent throughout the wood. This type of flooring is most commonly used in commercial areas. It is very hard and it is highly resistant to moisture and scratches.
        Acrylic-impregnated engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of colors, so most homeowners should find a shade that matches their decor. In addition, Sunco offers custom colors for large orders, so the flooring can be matched exactly to other elements in the room. Because the color is impregnated into the wood, it is resistant to fading by light exposure and other elements as well. Acrylic-impregnated engineered wood flooring also comes in an array of wood species, such as pine, oak, cherry, maple, bamboo and walnut. Because of the acrylic resin, acrylic-impregnated flooring is typically harder than most other types of flooring. This makes it highly durable and resistant to heavy traffic. In fact, acrylic-impregnated wood flooring is often used in commercial properties that receive a great deal of foot traffic, such as restaurants, bars, shopping malls and airports. It is highly resistant to scratches and nicks as well.

        Currently this is special order product. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) applies. Please send your inquiry through Contact Us page. Sunco manufactures and supplies fowllowing acrylic-impregnated engineered white oak flooring:

  • Top Layer Species/Thickness: white oak/4mm, 5mm, or 6mm
  • Top Layer Cut Method: dry sawn cut
  • Grade: AB/ABC/ABCD
  • Surface Texture: genuine hand scraped 
  • Gloss: natural wood
  • Plank Width: 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12"
  • Length: 2' up to 12'